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Welcome to Indonesia Menuju Broadway Online Conservatory

This conservatory is created by Indonesia Kaya together with Passport to Broadway. All the instructions are written in English, and the application form must be filled and completed in English. What you should know before proceeding:

As this course is a year-long course, students need to commit fully to their studies. A few things you need to know before applying:

  1. The materials taught in this conservatory is a pre-college and college level challenging professional training program over the course of 4 terms, comparable to BA or BFA Musical Theatre Degree in a college undergraduate and graduate program, and as such, committing to the highest work ethic and study expectations necessary to produce the highest standard quality studies Passport to Broadway is known for in the Broadway industry and academic arena.
  2. Students need a commitment to study, memorize and meet all expectations of the conservatory including but not limited to full attendance at all classes/ rehearsals, completion of all homework on time, preparations in advance of materials sent by Passport to Broadway and above average initiative and focus.
  3. An understanding that Passport to Broadway reserves the right to remove any students where and when deemed necessary if any lack of attendance, commitment and/or disruptive impediments to occur to the detriment of fellow students, teachers or professional staff. This includes but not limited to lack of preparation, homework or any unsafe or inappropriate judgment or poor behavior exhibited in the conservatory process.
  4. A Student selected for the conservatory will be required to review materials (student guidelines, expectations, attendance policies, protocol and procedure). These materials must be reviewed as a preparation prior the starting of the 1st term.

Applications Steps:

  1. Student candidate is required to fill out the application form thoroughly.
  2. Indonesia Kaya will send an automatic email to confirm that the application has been received.
  3. The conservatory team will review the submitted application to determine whether the student candidate is eligible for the program.
  4. If the student candidate is eligible for the program, they will be contacted directly by the conservatory team via email for the payment and enrollment process (please be sure to give us your valid email address).
  5. Once the payment is completed, the student will officially be registered into the program. All updates and information regarding the course will be communicated via email.
  6. Before you apply, make sure you have created your audition videos for vocal, acting and dance. You need to make all three videos and upload them in Youtube or Instagram.

    For guidelines, please click here.

    For sample video tutorial, please click here
  7. You will need to download the student waiver and schedule document here. You only need to fill out the parts highlighted in yellow on page 5-8 in the document, and upload them later in the application form on student waiver section.

Application Form

Personal Data

Born between 1 January 1996 - 31 December 2005

Emergency Contact

Application Form



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Performance Experience

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Audition Videos

Upload your video on youtube or instagram and insert the link below
Guidelines for the audition videos can be found on the opening page of the application

Application Form

Medical History

Application Form

Social Media (Where can we find your portfolio on social media?)

Application Requirements

Upload requirement:
Total file size max 10mb (pdf. jpeg.)
Add your name to each file name (e.g. Cover letter_yourname)
Required field marked with *

1. Upload two photos: close up and full frontal
2. The most recent photos, 3 months the oldest
3. Photo in postcard (vertical)

*Academic report/English course certificate/TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS
*Student waiver and schedule document can be downloaded on the opening page of the application


You have successfully registered, please check your inbox/spam for our confirmation email. Stay tuned to our social media for the latest updates.